Multidisciplinary skills for organic design

Our main services

  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Thermotechnical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Clinical engineering
  • Construction Management
  • BIM management, from design to maintenance
  • Facility plan management
  • Project & construction management
  • HSE coordination
  • Energy management
  • Environmental and energy certifications
  • Security design and Advisory
  • Risk & vulnerability assessment
  • Fire engineering


Innovation capacity and consolidated experience


Business Units

Real Estate

Strategic management of real estate assets involves the need to know how to deal with a heterogeneous case study of technical, administrative and legal  issues, that AICOM manages daily. Multidisciplinary skills, continuous professional updating and comparison with partners and customers allow AICOM to approach every new technical challenge.


AICOM has developed a strong recognized know-how by main national and foreign players in the field of critical infrastructures for defence and aerospace. Many experiences in Italy and abroad allowed AICOM to be involved directly in large-scale projects, with roles of design, planning, management and check between military and civil institutions, designers and companies, in compliance with international programs.

Healthcare design

AICOM has achieved a strong background over 30 years in design and construction management of hospitals and healthcare facilities. AICOM’s activity aims to optimize living comfort and the economic management, promoting cutting-edge solutions in terms of flexibility, maintainability and sustainability. The multidisciplinary skills, coming from experience and from continuous professional updating, allow us to address hospital issues at 360°, according to the most consolidated practices in the field.


AICOM has a Security Management Area able to develop and coordinate large-scale projects, relying on its internal team and on a qualified professional network. AICOM works in critical infrastructures, headquarters, industrial facilites. AICOM has developed a competence center able to work in terms of design, consulting services and intelligence.     

Infrastructure and Environment

AICOM has always proposed a sustainable approach to the design of infrastructural works, according to the most recent regulations and international best practices. Integrated engineering in the fields of complex infrastructures is added to strategic consulting services for energetic efficiency and the rational use of environmental resources, in civil and military fields.

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